Swadeshi Mela Caltarang


Winners Result

We have taken care during creating the list. Kindly check your result of “कलतरंग”. The decision of judges will be final and all contestants acknowledged that they will adhere to it.

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Winners – Singing Solo

Name Result Winning Amount
Sanjay Kumar Doural Winner ₹ 5,100/-
MD MURAD Consolation Ghuguti Resort Stay


Winners – Dance Solo

Name Form Result Winning Amount
Bhavya Rawat Semi-Classical Dance Winner ₹ 5,100/-
SUFYAN KHAN Folk Dance Winner ₹ 5,100/-
Tanishq Sarkar  Classical Dance Winner ₹ 5,100/-
Kanika Bhat Classical Dance Consolation Ghuguti Resort Stay
Rahul Kumar Rajak Classical Dance Consolation Ghuguti Resort Stay


Winners – Dance Group

Name Form of Dance Result Winning Amount
Nitya Narta – Durga Stuti Odissi Classical Dance Winner ₹ 11,000/-
DEBAROTI Sinha  Semi-Classical/Folk Dance Winner ₹ 11,000/-