Udyamveer 2019

Nominations of MSMEs for Awards

Bharat has set up a target of reaching 5 trillion economies by 2030. Today MSME sector is contributing to GDP, exports and also working as second largest employment generator in Indian Economy. In last more than 70 years of Indian independence this sector has fazed a lot of challenges and came strong out of all struggle. Today it is catering to all large industries as component suppliers or ancillary industry supporting the larger ones. This way they not only supported the large industries but also created their own place for them also.

Today almost 45% of industrial output of the country, 40% of total export and 28% of GDP is being contributed by the MSME sector. More than 11 crores people is being employed in this sector. This sector is maturing now and ready for the big show and immediate challenge is in front of the sector ie to reach to 5 trillion economy.

We Swadeshi Start up is helping the sector as a catalyst by helping the MSME entrepreneurs in their businesses. All MEME entrepreneurs generally doing self-employed business and they need support in terms of business skills and financial and technology support.

For the first time “Swadeshi Mela” & “Swadeshi Startup” is calling entries from MSMEs for nominations. Out of the nominated MSMEs few will be acknowledged on stage those doing reasonably good in their respective fields. We have identified following sections in which we are calling entries.

There will be no entry fee for registration of MSMEs for nomination.

There are few criteria for nominations.

We Request all MSMEs to Register for their nominations as per following categories:

  1. MSME Innovation – Any entrepreneur who has used technology for growth of business and created a new organization or transformed family business for achieving new heights.
  2. Women Entrepreneur- Women entrepreneur who created a business empire
  3. Home based business- Any person preferably women who created business with keeping at home and maintaining her home responsibilities also
  4. Services Based Organization- Any organization who runs a service industry and achieved success
  5. Manufacturing based organization- Any organization who is running a manufacturing industry and created name for himself
  6. Employment Generators- Any organization who has created employment for masses
  7. Any other with permission of jury.


  1. Unit should be an registered MSME.
  2. Should not having turnover over 10 Cr
  3. Preferably an Income Tax payee
  4. Should be taxation compliant unit as per criteria they are falling into

Last Date for Nomination / Entries – 16th October, 2019

For more details contact  hkgupta@startupgym.in